Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce a special issue of Journal of Statistical Computation ans Simulation (JSCS) devoted to LinStat'2022, which will include selected papers strongly correlated to the talks of the conference.

Moreover, the participants presenting topics related to multivariate analysis are encouraged to submit original work to the Journal of Multivariate Analysis (JMVA)

All papers submitted to the journals must meet the publication standards of JSCS or JMVA, respectively, and will be subject to normal refereeing procedure.
Note also, that they must satisfy aim and scope of the chosen journal (JSCS or JMVA), otherwise, they will not be considered for publication.

Submission deadlines will be given soon.
Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation
Papers should be prepared according to the instructions found on the Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation web site and the submissions should be sent to email address (with a subject "LinStat2022 JSCS submission"). For each paper at least two potential referees should be indicated. After preliminary verification of the submission by guest editors the authors will be invited to submit their paper through JSCS submission system.